One Easy Way to Expand Your Readership

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Nobody creates a blog without the intention of garnering a massive reader base, because everyone wants their writing read by at least someone. The more people who read it, the preferable. One great way to help build this desired fan base is to start creating RSS feeds. According to Copyblogger, “RSS is a simply an Internet technology standard that allows busy people to receive updates to web-based content of interest.”

By creating RSS feeds for your blog, you’re giving readers an invaluable tool that will only draw them, and even more people, in. Here are just a few of the advantages you give readers after creating RSS feeds.

1. Ease.

This is the first and foremost advantage of creating RSS feeds. They let readers keep up with your site much easier. Any and all of the content you publish will be linked to their list of RSS feeds, along with a notification that alerts the user of a new post. This means that they can check what new content you’ve published at a glan

Find the Right Feeds to Stay Current in Your Industry

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RSS feeds have some great uses for websites that are looking to update their readers, or share industry news, but if you use RSS for personal reasons, then you know that from the user end it can be challenging to find RSS feeds. If you are trying to news jack a topic, or simply stay on top of news in your industry, or just get more out of your casual internet browsing time, then a list of RSS feeds can be incredibly helpful. Here are three to get you started.

  1. CNN RSS feeds
  2. CNN as a major source for online, radio, and television broadcast news naturally has a lot of feeds to choose from. If you simply want breaking headlines, then you can subscribe to three feeds in particular, with their World, Top Stories, and United States specific feeds. CNN RSS feeds also cover specific industries, such as Technology and Travel feeds. If your focus is Crime, or even something as abstract as Student News, then there are feeds for your uses, too.

  3. Health RSS feeds
  4. If you reg

How Do You Get Your News? Not Convenient Enough, I Fear

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Did you read the international news for today yet? Why not? It has been out for hours, you have no excuse. Well then. It seems that you do not have the most efficient form of delivery of the international news for today, or any day. If you want to be informed and up-to-date as things are happening, you need a better resource for your news. You need RSS.

  • Find RSS Readers
  • RSS readers are the convenient programs that collect up every single one of your RSS feed subscriptions and provide them in a single, easy-to-read, easy-to-access format. The reader automatically updates the content as the original site updates it, so you never need to go back to that site in hopes of it being updated.

    And you never need to wait for a dozen different tabs to load, just so you can see that none of them have put up new content yet. When you keep the RSS reader open, you get the constant updates from all of your content, as they come through. No need to check back, it will

Want Health News? Subscribe to RSS Feeds

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Sometimes the mainstream media news does not do enough to cover the health news that we want or need in our lives. In times like that we must take it upon ourselves to seek out health news of our own volition. Luckily for us, there are countless resources out there for things as specific as cancer health news, to more general categories such as international health news. Whatever your area of interest, the internet has it available for you.

  • Health RSS Feeds
  • Regardless of the topic, one of the quickest and easiest ways for you to access health news is through RSS feeds. RSS feeds allow you to subscribe to any number of sites, collecting all of their data and updates into a single reader. This means that you never need to go to the variety of health websites that you used to frequent on a regular basis. Instead you can just hop over to your reader and get everything, up-to-date, all in one spot.

  • International Health News RSS Feeds

Use the Internet to Learn About Every Global Health Story

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With the advancements made in the digital age, it is easier than every for individuals to learn about international health news and understand the problems and successes are occurring around the world. Simply hopping on a news website, like NPR, Harvard World Health News, or the Global Post, will allow people to learn about all kinds of stories that are happening in countries around the world. Like other story about international news for today, health news varies from place to place, and there are lots of tragic stories mixed in with the good ones.

Right now, in Somalia, the drought that has caused thousands to leave their homes in search of food. The combination of no rain for two years, escalating food prices, and a Civil War is causing the drought to become a major crisis. In fact, according to Melissa Fleming, a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees spokeswoman, “The drought…is turning one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises into a human tragedy of unimaginable pro

Looking for RSS Feeds? Check Out Mens Health

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Staying in good health can be difficult. It takes persistence and perseverance that most people just do not have, and cannot keep going without constant encouragement and reminders. Luckily for all of us who have started and stopped workout routines at least a dozen times now, there are resources out there to keep us going.

One of the easiest and most conveniently available resources for encouragement are mens health RSS feeds. With mens health RSS feeds you can get a constant reminder of what you should be doing, and what you should be striving for, right in your RSS reader everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.

RSS feeds have been around for a bit now. They began in the late 90s, and act as direct links to the content of websites. Virtually every website offers an RSS feed now, as they are continuing to grow in popularity. All you need to do is sign up for an RSS reader, and then when you click on an RSS feed subscription link. Your RSS reader will pick up the information from t

Three Great Health RSS Feeds for You and Your Kids

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Did you know, according to, 8.3% of the American population has been diagnosed with diabetes? Many, many more are thought to be suffering from the disease but have not yet been diagnosed. As the CDC points out, one of the main causes for diabetes is maintaining an unhealthy body weight. 35.7% of American adults are obese. Other health problems associated with being overweight include coronary disease and stroke. If you want to save your family from the trials associated with obesity, not to mention the added $1,429 in annual medical bills that come with being obese, then utilize these three health RSS feeds for the latest in nutrition and fitness information.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have long been an important source of health information for people across the world. For those looking for health RSS feeds for assistance in keeping their family healthy, this is one of the best.

Research at the Speed of RSS

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Few areas of modern life have benefited as much from the Internet as medical research. Researchers are no longer restricted by the slow pace of print media or the maddening gaps between journal publications to display their findings to the world. Medicine and health news RSS feed sites allow these researchers to instantly share their information to colleagues, news outlets, and the general public at large. Here is just a sampling of the exciting health news RSS feeds are helping to spread.

  • Researchers from the University of California at San Francisco may have discovered an effective treatment for Parkinsons disease, based on the an ingredient found in many anti wrinkle creams. This ingredient (kinetin triphosphate) may help inhibit neural cell death, the key factor in cognitive and motor degeneration in Parkinsons sufferers.
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  • A research team from John Hopkins University might have uncovered a substance closely linked with insomnia. While studying a group with restl

There Is an RSS Feed for Everything What Do You Subscribe To?

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There is an RSS feed out there for virtually anything that you want to read or stay up to date on. The trick is knowing where to go to find the feed, and how to access it once you find it. With RSS growing more and more popular, we are seeing more people offering their content in RSS format. As such, the variety of topics one can choose for RSS feeds continues to grow as well.

Say you want to subscribe to a mens health RSS. But you do not know where to go in order to find mens health RSS feeds. By simply doing a web search for Mens Health RSS, you should be able to find a list with at least a dozen different sources of mens health news, all of which you can subscribe to with the simple click of a button.

But you are certainly not limited to just health topics, you can search for sports, for world news or national news, music, video games, almost any topic you can think of will be available. You can even subscribe to a general news feed, which will give you updates concerning all of t

Why You Should Subscribe to Health RSS Feeds

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Do you have a slew of health blogs that you regularly read? Maybe you read Runner Dude’s Blog, The Oz Blog, and an endless list of others so that you can keep up on all the latest fitness and nutrition information. Do you ever find it tiresome to have to go from website to website, page to page in order to find out if there is something new for you to read? To address this issue, and others, you should consider subscribing to health RSS feeds.

  1. For Your Convenience
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    By subscribing to a website’s RSS feed you can be notified via e-mail or RSS readers when your favorite writers have posted a new entry. According to Rachel of Small Notebook, RSS is something you should be using because it saves so much time. Say, for example, you use the Feed Reader extension for Google Chrome. When you add RSS feeds to that application it will automatically let you know when there are updates to read. All of the articles you look for each week